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Good Buy soaps and Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd, was a novel idea that sprouted in the year 2007 from the mind of its Promoter Director Mr.K.P.Khalid, who has done his Business Management and is a veteran in the field of soap manufacture for many years. He spent many years with leading brands of soaps and detergents and subsequently ventured into own manufacture under the full support of the Principals with whom he had worked earlier. Today, Good Buy also manufactures in their various plants, soaps and cleaning products for those leading Brands.

Equipped with the expertise of qualified and experienced management and staff,the business acumen of GOOD BUY extends over many and varied areas of activity thus affording the customer easy access to product and satisfaction through performance. The standard of service is set, with the aim not to compete, but rather to concentrate with undivided attention on executing every assignment related to product development and then leave the customer to compare the end results. The prime expected returns we envisage is total satisfaction of the customer in terms of value addition to money spent.

Thereafter, there has been no look back and Good Buy has been on the successful growth path registering a 55% growth in the year 2014 – 2015. Good Buy at present has touched the 14 Ton per day manufacturing capacity.
The lead brand of toilet soap manufactured by Good Buy comes in 5 exotic fragrances – Jasmine, Rose, Passion, Lime and Sandal. It tops the ranking in the Rs. 10.00 bracket selling more than one million pieces per month in the rural markets of Kerala.
An attractive, round soap in seven seductive fragrances “White Zaffron, Silky skin, Sandal, Olive sona, Papaya, Haldi Manjal & Herbow” that has now become a craze among youngsters [In a short span of time, sales for this product has exceeded one million pieces a month].
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This manufacturing unit is situated around five Kms. away from Good Buy Soaps factory.


By conducting frequent market surveys and collection of MIS, it was found that there is a good demand for detergent powder.


The policy and goal of Good Buy Group is to provide the highest quality of product and service to its customers. Being an ISO 9001 – 2008 certified company, the Good Buy management, reiterates their total commitment to quality. Our Quality System is being formulated to ensure that the customer receives a quality product as well as service and that the needs and expectations of the Stockists, Distributors, Dealers’ & Customers are fully met. To achieve the above objectives and meet these commitments, Good Buy shall ensure that quality is planned, implemented and verified by means of review, inspection, testing and audits. Finally the management emphasizes the principle that "Quality is everybody's business" and that "Every individual is responsible for the quality of work he or she produces".

Innovative in house developments:
In line with the vision propagated by our honourable Prime Minister, the new Indian slogan “Make in India”, GOOD BUY recently started manufacture and launched a novel concept in the form of a goat milk soap. The technology has been purchased out right from COSMIN INTERNATIONAL INC. – UK. Most of the ingredients used are imported from the finest manufacturers world wide. This soap MILSO is the first of its kind in India and is destined to swipe the market in the short run.
Good Buy also has a full fledged, sophisticated laboratory to test all material for their standards like TFM, moisture, chlorides, free alkali, pH, etc. The strict standards and practises followed ensures that no raw material with inferior quality is entertained.

REMONA COSMETICS & DETERGENTS [Pvt] LTD. :This manufacturing unit is situated around five Kms. away from Good Buy Soaps factory. This unit manufactures:
1 Femo Dish wash 500 Gms
2 Femo Dish wash cake 180 Gms
3 Liquid Dish wash 200 ml [Green & yellow]
4 Siruvani detergent cakes [Blue & Pink]
5 Car wash shampoo
6 Bike wash shampoo
7 Hand wash 330 ml
8 Soap oil

By conducting frequent market surveys and collection of MIS, it was found that there is a good demand for detergent powder. Eying the possibility of success, Gee Bee Chem launched “Soft washing powder,” “Roxi washing powder” & “Mr.Kleen” in different affordable packs. The product is doing extremely well in the rural markets offering good value for money.

Gee Bee Chem also manufactures detergent powders which are sold in different Brands and some of them are leading Brands today. To support the younger generation who aspire to be in business, GEE BEE CHEM also manufactures and supplies detergent powders to some young entrepreneurs in bulk packing whereby they repack into smaller packing and go door to door selling to make a comfortable living for themselves.
The logistics is also apt for the modern times and deliveries are professionally scheduled and carried out by the department through our own trucks and contracted vehicles.

The employee morale is kept very high by the management through timely performance appraisals and surprising incentives. Good understanding, timely support extended and treating all employees on par has resulted in a very conducive working atmosphere for all the family members of the Good Buy group of companies. Good Buy group has always believed in helping the needy and are proud to mention that a major force of the employees are women enabling them to be of a very good support to their families. Men are employed in the plant to do the heavier jobs. Finally, every year Good Buy ear marks a share of the profits earned, for charity works, donations and upliftment of the poor & needy.

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